Student Printing and Scanning - Install Printers for Macintosh

Last Updated: 04/07/2017


If you have installed remote printer drivers prior to the Spring 2013, you will need to go through each of the three steps when working with the campus printer system. These steps are:

  1. Remove old Pharos Popup software
  2. Install an SPS printers

You only need to remove old Pharos Popup software, and install new Pharos Popup software one time. If you have already completed these steps, go to the Install an SPS printer instructions.

How to remove old Pharos Popup software

  1. From the Go drop-down menu, select Computer.
  2. Double click the your hard drive icon.
  3. Open the Library folder.
  4. Open the Application Support folder.
  5. Open the Pharos folder.
  6. Open the Utilities folder, then double click Uninstaller.
  7. Check the box labeled Pharos Popup, then click Continue.
  8. Click Continue for the Component Summary step.
  9. Enter your credentials, if neccessary, then click OK.
  10. Click Done.

How to install SPS printers

  1.  Please download and run the installer. The installer will add all of the SPS printers. 

    Note: Installers support Sierra, El Capitan and older Operating Systems. Be sure to download the correct installer for your system.
  2. Once the installer has completed, you are ready to print.
Printer Type Model Queue Name Server IP
BW Diamond Xerox Phaser 3610DN BWDiamondBuffOne-CCC_Q
BW Square Xerox Phaser 5550DN BWSquareBuffOne-CCC_Q
Color Diamond Xerox Phaser 8560DN ColorDiamondBuffOne-CCC_Q
Color Square Xerox Phaser 7500DT ColorSquareBuffone-CCC_Q
BW Circle Xerox Workcentre 5135 BWCircleBuffOne-CCC_Q
BW Star Xerox Workcentre 5335 BWStarBuffOne-CCC_Q
Color Circle Xerox Workcentre 7535 ColorCircleBuffOne-CCC_Q