Student Printing and Scanning - Campus Cash Cards

Last Updated: 11/04/2015


Campus Cash Cards can be purchased and used for printing services if you don't have a Buff OneCard.

How it Works

Public Patrons:

  1. Print their document.
  2. Enter the CampusCash Card number when prompted
  3. Release their document at the printer.
  4. The displayed amount is charged against their Campus Cash balance

Get a Campus Cash Card

Campus Cash cards cost $1.00 and are sold at the campus Buff OneCard Office in C4C N180 during regular business hours. Apply for a Campus Cash Card by visiting the Buff OneCard website Visitors and Guests section.

Add Campus Cash

You can add value to your Campus Cash accounts online, or at the Campus Card Office. You can also add value with check or cash at any Imaging Services copy center.