Student Printing and Scanning - Buff OneCards

Last Updated: 04/03/2017


Students, faculty, and staff use their Buff OneCards at print-release stations to pay for their print jobs, using Campus Cash associated with their Buff OneCard.

How it Works

Students, faculty and staff:

  1. Print their document.
  2. Swipe a Buff OneCard at the print release station
  3. Release their document at the printer.
  4. The displayed amount is charged against their Campus Cash Account quota or balance

Student Quota

Students are provided a set amount of free prints each semester. Learn more about student quota.

Add Campus Cash

Students, faculty, and staff can add value to their accounts online, or at the Campus Card Office.

Students, faculty, and staff may also add value with check or cash at any Imaging Services copy center.

Report a Lost and Stolen Card

You can report your Buff OneCard lost or stolen 24 hours per day by calling: 303-492-1212

You can also report your card lost or stolen 24 hours per day online.

By reporting your card lost or stolen it is deactivated and your account(s) are suspended preventing unauthorized use. The cardholder is responsible for all use prior to when the card has been reported. All cards reported lost or stolen will require the cardholder to come to the Campus Card Office to have a new card reissued or a found card to be reinstated.