Four Winds - Known Issues

Last Updated: 12/01/2017

"Mouse" for touch screen not working

  • Issue: When first installing or updating to version 4.6, the "mouse" functionality of interactive players does not work by default.
  • Fix: To solve the issue use the following steps:
    1. Type C on the keyboard (input the passcode if needed).
    2. Click the Advanced tab and check Use Default Desktop, then Use Content Player Monitor (if unchecked).
    3. Application restart is required, so shut down the player (hit Exit Player at the bottom left), then restart the software.

 Closed Captioning Checkbox Never Available with Live TV Content Type (as of Content Manager 5.4)

  • Issue: When configuring for the Live TV content type within Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) Content Manager the checkbox for enabling closed captioning never becomes available for use. FWI technical support has confirmed this functionality is currently unavailable.
  • Fix: In order to display captions when using the Live TV content type you must receive “open captioned” (always displayed, hard-coded) video content on the content player device. CU cable TV only provides closed captioning support at this time.