Four Winds - Central Hosting Option

Last Updated: 04/03/2017


The following outline is designed to be used in conjunction with the Four Winds resource page.  There you find the Four Winds hardware configuration guides, software download links, support options and much more.

  1. Plan your system:
    Review the sample network diagram and plan your own digital signage network details.  Be sure to detail your Content Player ID/names (these will need to be provided to FWi for inclusion on the CU signage network), connection types, hardware specs.
    • In order for your system to run effectively, your computer hardware must meet certain requirements. Please see the FWi System Requirements page for more details and hardware recommendations.
  2. Register your DS network:
    To obtain access to the remote CU DS management tools, Content Manager Express and Content Store, you will need to register your system with FWi.  Registering will also provide you your Player license keys, access to the Four Winds Interactive support wiki, and facilitate the FWi support team in assisting you with your network.
  3. Configuration:
    In order to ensure proper system operation, your Content Player machines will require configuration.  Please see the FWi Configuration Guides for more details.
  4. Download:
    Once you’ve registered your system and configured your player machines, you can download your Content Player software for installation from the Four Winds resources page.
  5. Installation:
    Installation requires software installation, network connectivity assurance and the configuration of proper deploy settings within your Content Player machines.
    • Install the FWi Content Player software on your Player machines, those that will be connected directly to your displays.  
    • Ensure your Content Player machines are connected to the internet.
    • Visit the FWi wiki for Content Player property set-up. (Tip: The, the Player ID must match the names provided to FWi during the registration process.) Please note, you will need to register your system with FWi to obtain wiki access.

Your system should now be operational and ready for template upload, content customization and deployment. Please visit the Four Winds resources page to pre-view and download your installation instructions.

Detailed configuration and installation services are available from Four Winds Interactive on an hourly fee basis. Please contact your dedicated CU Customer Support Manager for proper scoping and associated costs.