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Computing Labs - Liaison List

Last Updated: 04/03/2017


Academic department lab liaisons are responsible for coordinating software upgrade requests for the student funded ICWG labs, as well as for other OIT managed departmental computing labs. If you need software for a class you are teaching, please contact the liaison for that lab. If no academic department liaison is listed for a lab, please contact the IT Service Center.

ADEN 102: Sherry Snyder, 303-492-7674

ARMR 201, 209, 211: Steve Jones, 303-492-8919

ATLAS: Joel Swanson, 303-735-2933

ATLAS Academic Media Services: Tim Riggs, 303-492-8804

BESC 385: Dan Mitchell, 303-492-6195

C4C: Larry Drees, 303-492-3895

CINC: Allen Harlow, 303-492-1543

CLRE 111: Janet Casagrand, 303-492-4812

DUAN G116: Michael Thomason, 303-492-7117

DWAC 250D, 266: Medford Moorer, 303-492-5244

Earth Sciences Library: Brittany Reed, 303-492-4488

ECCE 141: Richard Regueiro, 303-492-6244

ECCE 152: Richard Regueiro, 303-492-6244

ECCE 157, 161: Richard Regueiro, 303-492-6244

ECCH 106/107: Ann Greco, 303-492-2991

ECCR 143: No academic department liaison

ECCR 235: No academic department liaison

ECCR 239: No academic department liaison

ECCR 244: No academic department liaison

ECCR 252: No academic department liaison

ECME 1B66 (Durning Lab): Greg Potts, 303-492-7646

ECON 6, 7: Maria Oliveras, 303-492-5168

Engineering Library: Emily Fidelman, 303-492-5398

ENVD 214, 306: Curt Hammerly, 303-735-1704

GUGG 6: Jeff Nicholson, 303-492-4986

Housing Dorms and other Housing administered buildings: Larry Drees, 303-492-3895

HLMS 145: David Nicoll or Sante Jonker, 303-492-2356

HUMN 1B35: No academic department liaison

HUMN 1B45: No academic department liaison

JSCB A205: No academic department liaison

KOBL 100B, 200, 320: Andy Keenan, 303-735-6145

KOBL Business Library: Jennifer Gerke, 303-735-6804

LIBR COMM: Mark Mabbett, 303-492-8628

LIBR M350: Rani Machoi, 303-492-1742

LIBR RSCH: Mark Mabbett, 303-492-8628

LIBR S220: Rani Machoi, 303-492-1742

MATH 217: Jeanne Clelland, 303-492-7083

MUEN D346: Patty Berger, 303-492-7358

MUEN E311: Gary McClelland, 303-492-8617

Music Library: Laurie Sampsel, 303-492-3929

MUS N1B46, N1B49: John Drumheller, 303-735-0272

PWR: Arun Sambataro

RAMY C Wing: John Basey, 303-492-8487

RAMY N Wing: Molly Welsh, 303-492-8078 

STAD 217: Lynda Smith, 303-492-8351

UMC 138: Andrea Zelinko, 303-735-2603

UMC Reception Laptop Cart: Sue Dangel, 303-492-6161

VAC 1B23: Laura Shill

WOLF 120F, 1B02D, 221B: Robert Linz