D2L - Tips and Tricks

Last Updated: 01/08/2019

Adding and Removing Participants

  • TAs and other types of participants are added to courses by following the steps below:
  • If the participant's name does not appear in search results, contact the IT Service Center. Be sure to provide the participant's CU Login Name or their @colorado.edu email address.

Using Regular Expression for Participation Points

If an instructor is interested in creating quiz items that do not give points for right or wrong answers but would rather that students receive points for taking the quiz, they can use the Regular Expression ([A-Za-z0-9-]+).

This expression tells the system to accept all characters between A-Z (lower case and upper case) and all numbers. When you create a short answer or fill-in-the-blank question, you will be prompted to enter the correct answer.

In the Answer field, you enter: ([A-Za-z0-9-]+) and select Regular Expression under Evaluation.
The system will accept anything the student enters and give them the number of points you've allocated to do so.

Quickly Enter Grade Item Scores

When entering grades in the Enter Grades screen of the Desire2Learn Gradebook, pressing the Enter/Return key allows you to move one cell down.

User List Item Restriction

Within Desire2Learn, when looking at a Classlist or User List, there is an item restriction of 200. This means that only 200 users can be seen when displaying a list students in a class. This restriction can be an issue from within the Classlist section, as well as from the User List within the Enter Grades section.

When sending out an email from Classlist, or User List in the Enter Grades section, you have the option to send to everybody selected on the user list. However, If you have more than 200 students, you have to send multiple messages, as the maximum users that can be displayed is 200. If you have more than 200 students it is probably best to send out an email by using the email Course Roster function in myCUinfo.

Naming Files for Upload

When uploading a file to Desire2Learn, it is good practice not to use any special charaters (e.g. @, $, %, \, *)  in a file name. Although Desire2Learn will accept some characters, the learning environment will often times not accept characters.

See more than 200 pages in Content Viewer

If you have uploaded a file larger than 200 pages, only the first 200 pages will be seen in the Content Viewer. There are a few ways to view the full text:

  • Download the whole file and read offline
  • Upload the file in 200 page chunks
  • Us e the Viewing as Text option

View more all modules, topics or files in Content

D2L by default only loads the first 20 modules, or first 20 topics/files within a module, when viewing course files in the Content area. To see additional content, click the Load More button at the bottom of the content/module area.