D2L - Known Issues

Last Updated: 01/08/2019

Check for Service Alerts

If you're experiencing a problem with D2L, check to see if there are any active service problems by clicking on the Service Alerts button on the top menu bar of this website.

    Content: Document Viewer Issues

    • Issue: When attempting to view documents in Desire2Learn, the document does not render correctly. For example, formatting is removed from the document and/or not all of the pages in the document load.
    • Workaround: Download the document and view it on your local machine rather than through the Document Viewer in D2L.

    Course Export: All Content Files Export

    • Issue: When you export course components, and select individual Content topics to export, all course files are exported regardless of what topics you selected.
    • Resolution: Currently, there is no resolution to this issue. Files will need to be deleted after the export.

    Dropbox: Student can't submit their assignment when inserting a Kaltura media file

    • Issue: After inserting a media file (using the Insert Stuff -> Kaltura search feature), you must still add a file before clicking the Submit button. 
    • Resolution: The simplest way to meet this requirement is to click the Record Audio button and create a small recording.  Once you’ve created an audio file, you can click the Submit button.

    Dropbox: HTML or XHTML Upload File

    • Issue: When a user uploads an HTML or XHTML file to the dropbox folder, the Dropbox tool might alter the source code so it does not appear exactly as submitted. The original file is never modified.
    • Workaround: If you need to evaluate an unmodified version of the file, download a copy of the file to your local machine. The downloaded copy will match the original submission.

    Dropbox: Instructors/TAs can't submit more than one file in Preview mode

    • Issue: When Previewing a Dropbox folder (More Actions > Preview), if you submit more than one file to a folder and check the box to Allow this preview submission to be available in the dropbox folder, you will see an internal error, and you will no longer be able to Preview that particular folder. This error does not affect the ability of other users to Preview or submit to this folder.
    • Workaround: Do not submit more than one file or submission to a Dropbox folder within the Preview mode with the Allow this preview submission to be available in the dropbox folder option checked.

    Email: Image Loading Error

    • Issue: Images in emails sent through Desire2Learn do not render correctly, when placed in the body of a message.
    • Workaround: Send the image as an attachment, rather than in the body of the email.

    Grades/Notifications: Entering grades via Manage Grades does not generate Notifications

    • Issue: When grades are entered via the ‘Manage Grades’ page, students do not receive notifications as expected.
    • Resolution: Currently, there is no resolution to this issue. 
    • Workaround: When entering grades on the ‘Enter Grades’ page, on either Standard or Spreadsheet view, the student will receive the notification.

    Grades: Quiz grades don't update with new associated Grade Item

    • Issue: When a quiz is modified and associated with a different grade item, if there are current grade attempts that appear in grades under the old associated item, this change does not automatically push the grades to the newly associated grade item and remove them from the old one.
    • Workaround: Resubmit all quiz scores and clear scores from old grade item after new grade item association.

    Grades: Uploading Letter Grades

    • Issue: Desire2Learn does not allow a user to upload Letter Grades, even if this is the chosen scheme for a course.
    • Workaround: A user can upload letter grades as a text grade. However, this will grade type will not be calculated in the final grade calculation and should be only used for giving students an opportunity to see their grade prior to being officially released by the registrar.

    Quiz: Can't take quiz with Role Switch ability

    • Issue: Instructors can no longer take quizzes when Role Switched into the Student role.
    • Workaround: Use the Preview functionality in the Quizzes tool to take Quizzes from the student perspective.