D2L - Quizzes

Last Updated: 01/08/2019


Use the Quizzes tool to manage quizzes that you have created, copied, or imported; manage questions using the question library; preview, organize, and grade your quizzes; view quizzes by category or availability; view current, future, and past quizzes; view course and quiz statistics; create categories and place your quizzes in them.

About Quizzes

Desire2Learn allows for instructors to create a wide variety of quizzes, ranging from a simple true or false quiz to a math quiz with complex calcualation formulas. When creating a quiz it is essential for users to understand what kinds of questions can be created for each quiz. For more information on this topic visit the Creating Quiz Questions page.

Quiz Documentation

OIT provides documentation for a great variety of topics associated with the Quiz section of Desire2Learn, including creating and grading a quiz. To see a full list of these topics visit the Instructors Tutorials page.