D2L - Importing/Exporting CSV Files For Grade Book

Last Updated: 01/08/2019

Importing & Exporting Grades in D2L

In Desire2Learn (D2L) you can import and export grades to manage your grade book by using spreadsheet software such as Excel or Numbers. This can be easier than entering grades online, and it also helps to ensure that you have a back-up file of your grades stored on your computer. The information below will explain the guidelines for exporting and importing grades for D2L.

  • Note: If you wish to view the process of cleaning up a CSV grade book file step-by-step, please refer to the Format CSV Upload File PDF.

In order to import grades successfully, follow these guidelines:

Export First

  • Start by exporting the D2L grade book. This file will serve as your grade book template. Within it are formatting features D2L will need when you reimport the file. For instructions on exporting the D2L grade book, see Export a Grade Book documentation.
  • Once you export the grade book, rename the file, removing any spaces or special characters. Use an underscore if you’d like a space between words.

Adding Columns to the Grade Book

  • When you’re adding a column to the grade book, use unique names for each column. Columns that share the same name cause errors when importing the grade book to D2L.
  • Use the following convention when naming a column in the grade book:
    1. Place a space after the column name
    2. Add the words “Points Grade” right after the column name
      • For example, if you were adding a column for Assignment 1, the column should be labeled “Assignment 1 Points Grade”.
      • If you are using Letter Grades in your course, reference the Upload Letter Grades tutorial how to format your grade book file.

*Note about Adding Columns: Numeric, Text, Pass/Fail and Selectbox grades can be imported to D2L. Calculated grades cannot. For definitions of grade types in D2L, visit the Grade Types page.

  • Naming Added Column Best Practices
    • D2L is quite sensitive when it comes to the acceptable names of columns, in particular which characters and symbols can be used. To ensure that your comma delimited (.csv) file is accepted by D2L, follow this guide.
Acceptable Unacceptable
  • hyphen ( - )
  • underscore ( _ )
  • colon ( : )
  • ampersand ( & )
  • dash ( -- )
  • pound ( # )
  • exclamation point ( ! )
  • at symbol ( @ )
  • dollar sign ( $ )
  • carrot ( ^ )
  • parenthesis ( )
  • tilda ( ~ )
  • semi-colon ( ; )
  • asterisks ( * )
  • forward slashes ( / )
  • percent sign ( % )
  • plus (+)
  • question mark (?)

Encrypting Your Grade Book

OIT recommends encrypting your grade book once exported in order to protect important student and course information. To learn how to encrypt your exported CSV file please visit one of the following tutorials based on your operating system:

Ready for Import

Once you have added columns to the grade book, ensure that you save it as a comma delimited (.csv) file. For instructions on importing your grade book to D2L, visit Import a Grade Book documentation.