D2L - Grades

Last Updated: 01/08/2019


The Grades section is one of the most important and confusing parts of Desire2Learn. Grades have the ability to be integrated into almost all features of Desire2Learn. The Grades tool allows for you to structure the value put on different assignments and evaluations throughout the semester.

About Grades

Course designers can set up grade books that reflect their approach to evaluation. You control the grading formula used to calculate grades; what projects, assignments, tests, etc. are graded; how grade items are associated with other tools; and when grades are released to users and what information they see.

Before getting started it is important to know:

  • what grade items you plan to evaluate users on
  • how much each grade item should be worth,
  • how you want grade items to be evaluated
  • how you want to calculate final grades.

Grade Book Guide

CU Boulder faculty experience with the D2L grade book suggests that careful thought when setting up a grade book at the beginning of the semester is the best way to avoid frustration and troubles later on. Containing information for setting up, entering grades, making changes, and managing the grade book, OIT strongly recommends the following guide whether a first time or experienced user of D2L:

Hot Topics

A few popular topics to get acquainted with the Grades tool:

Grades Documentation

OIT provides documentation for a great variety of topics associated with the Desire2Learn Grades tool, ranging from creating a grade item to integrating CUClickers into your course. Reference the tutorials listed below or go to the Instructors Tutorials page for a complete list of tutorials.