D2L - Dropbox

Last Updated: 01/08/2019


The Dropbox tool in Desire2Learn allows for you to set up folders that users can submit their assignments to. This eliminates the need to collect assignments and helps you track when assignments are submitted.

About Dropbox

The Dropbox tool enables you to submit assignments through the Learning Environment, eliminating the need to mail, fax, or email assignments. Simply upload your assignment to the appropriate folder.

You can set up separate dropbox folders for each assignment and restrict access to the folders by date and time, group membership, or special access permissions. Once assignments are submitted, you can download assignments as zip files, sort assignments by users, check submission times, grade assignments, leave feedback, and return submissions with comments, all from within the Dropbox tool.

Plagiarism Protection

When students submit papers via the Dropbox tool within D2L, those papers can be checked for plagiarism by using Turnitin, a plagiarism tool within D2L. Turnitin compares submitted papers to other student papers, current and archived webpages, periodicals, journals and other publications. After the comparison has been made, Turnitin produces an originality report, which indicates what percentage of the student’s paper matches documents in their database. Turnitin, the plagiarism checking software, is available via the Dropbox tool in Desire2Learn. To learn more about this tool please visit the Plagiarism Protection page.

For assistance with using Turnitin, please contact the The Honor Code Faculty Advisor, Janet DeGrazia, at degrazia@colorado.edu.

Dropbox Documentation

OIT provides helpful instruction on how to use the Dropbox tool. Among these are tutorials for creating a dropbox assignment, grading a dropbox assignment, as well as enabling plagiarism detection for an assignment. To see a complete list of available tutorials for using the Dropbox please visit the Instructor Tutorials page.