D2L - Discussions

Last Updated: 01/08/2019


The Discussions tool is a collaboration area where you can post, read and reply to messages on different topics, share thoughts about course materials, ask questions, share files, or where students can work with peers on assignments and homework.

About Discussions

Use the Discussions tool in your course to:

  • encourage users to share thoughts on course material with their peers
  • set up forums for users to ask questions
  • pose a question for the class to debate
  • discuss the answers to an assignment
  • create forums for groups to work on group assignments
  • recently commented threads will appear on the top of the screen

Discussion Documentation

Instructor Support

OIT provides documentation and instruction for using the Discussion tool from within Desire2Learn. Instructors can find help on subjects such as creating a discussion forum, grading a discussion, and more. To see a full list of these go to the Instructor Tutorials page.

Student Support

To aid your students on how to use the Discussion tool point them in the direction of Student Support in the OIT Desire2Learn help section. Their students can find many tutorials among which are, documentation on how to post/reply to a discussion forum, as well as a video tutorial showing how to use the Discussion tool.