D2L - Course Layout

Last Updated: 01/08/2019


The layout of your D2L course is determined by two things: the Homepage and the Navbar. Your course Homepage is what you and your students first see when accessing the course. By default, it contains Widgets such as News, Content, and Calendar. Your course Navbar determines what links are available in the gold bar under your course name. This page contains links to tutorials and resources to help you customize your D2L course layout.

Customizing the Navbar

Customizing your course Navbar is a great way to make it easier for your students to find the tools they need. By default, your course Navbar will contain links to some of the most-used features in D2L, such as Content and Grades. However, in some cases your students might need access to tools (such as Groups) which are not available in the default Navbar. Or, more commonly, your course might not need all the tools in the default Navbar: in this case, simplifying the Navbar so it only contains the tools your students actually need to use will make your course easier to navigate.

One way of customizing your course Navbar is to use a Toolkit Navbar, which is a pre-made Navbar that you can apply to your course quickly and easily. For more information, visit the Applying a Toolkit Navbar tutorial.

To learn how to build your own Navbar, or add/remove specific links from an existing Navbar, visit the Add a Tool to the Navigation Bar tutorial.

Customizing the Homepage

There are several options for customizing your D2L homepage. If you’re using a Toolkit Navbar for your course, you can choose a Toolkit Homepage to go with it. Toolkit Homepages are simply pre-made homepages that you can apply quickly to your course. These are a great way to simplify your course if you don’t need to use widgets like News or Calendar.

Toolkit Homepages are tool-based homepages, meaning they set the homepage of your course to a particular tool, such as Content. On the other hand, the default course homepage is widget-based, meaning it can feature several different widgets together, such as News, Content, and Calendar. To learn how to customize the widgets that appear on your homepage, visit the Customizing a Course Homepage and Widgets tutorial.