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Last Updated: 07/10/2019


Desire2Learn will no longer be available after the Spring 2019 semester. Learn more about Canvas, CU Boulder's new learning management system.

Use this page to find general information and step-by-step tutorials demonstrating how to use D2L. Click here to download the D2L Icon Help PDF

Learning D2L - Resources, Tutorials, Videos for Faculty

Instructors have access to step-by-step instructions and video tutorials inside D2L. You can read, watch, and learn at your own pace. Get started by visiting:

  • My Courses - A course titled "Learning D2L - Resources, Tutorials, Videos for Faculty".
  • D2L Help - OIT published D2L how-to documentation.

OIT - D2L Tutorials

OIT provides many step by step tutorials to help instructors create and manage their courses. We recommend starting with the Instructor Tutorial List, which groups them all by teaching and learning activity and is easy to browse. Or, you can choose from the topics listed below.

Teaching & Learning Activity Description
Managing Your Students These resources demonstrate how to work with course rosters and the Classlist section of Desire2Learn.
Creating and Managing Course Content Learn how to: add, manage, and organize content.
Managing Assignments Learn how to use the Dropbox tool of Desire2Learn.
Creating Quizzes Learn how to use work with the Quiz tools within Desire2Learn.
Fostering Discussions Learn how to use features and tools from within the Discussion section of Desire2Learn.
Grading Students Learn about all things associated with grades within a Desire2Learn course.
Organizing Students into Groups Learn how to use features and tools associated with Groups within Desire2Learn.
Course Layout and Homepage Learn how to use features and tools that are associated with creating a course.
Other Topics Learn about other features and tools of Desire2Learn not associated with any of the above sections.

D2L - Quickstart Sheet

OIT provides a document that explains some common D2L icons and their functions, as well as links to some of the most helpful tutorials for effectively using D2L. OIT highly recommends instructors to download this D2L Quickstart sheet if using D2L for the first time as their online learning tool.

Communicate with Students About Using D2L

Until D2L is retired at the end of spring 2019, students will have courses in both D2L and Canvas. Help students find the right learning tool by adding a statement to your syllabus. Here is some text you can use:

This semester we will be using Desire2Learn, sometimes referred to as D2L. We will be using D2L to <<fill in the blank>>.

To access D2L, go to: https://learn.colorado.edu. Log-in to D2L using your CU login name and IdentiKey password.

Once you log-in, click on <<course code and title>> to go into our course.

Visit D2L Student Support to learn more about using D2L.

If you run into any problems using D2L, contact the IT Service Center at: help@colorado.edu or 303-735-4357.