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Desire2Learn & Canvas Tool Comparison Chart


Desire2Learn Tool Canvas Equivalent
Agenda To-Do Lists
Attendance   attendance icon Attendance
Calendar  calendar icon Calendar  canvas calendar icon
Category Assignment Group
Chat  chat icon Chat
Classlist  classlist icon People
Content content icon Modules (Note: Modules only organize existing course content. If you delete something from a Module, the original file still exists in Pages, Files, Quizzes, Assignments, etc.)
Course Home  Course home icon Home  home icon
Create a File create a file icon Pages  pages icon
Discussions  discussions icon Discussions
Dropbox  dropbox icon Assignments  assignments icon
Email  email icon Inbox  inbox icon
Gradebook Category   Assignment Group
(Located under Assignments)  Assignment group icon
Groups  groups icon Student Groups (Located under People)  Student groups icon
Import / Export / Copy Components  import / Export / Copy Components icon Import/ Export Course Content (Located under Settings)  Import/Export Course Content icon
Kaltura Contribute Media My Media
Insert Video from Kaltura  Insert video icon

More External Tools > Embed Kaltura Media 

 Embed Kaltura media icon

My Home  Home icon Dashboarddashboard icon
Navigation & Themes  navigation icon Navigation (Located under Settings
News  news icon Announcements  announcements icon
Publish/Hidden publish/hidden icon Publish/Unpublish publish/unpublish icon
Quizzes  quizzes icon Quizzes - "Graded Quiz" / "Graded Survey"  Graded Quiz/Graded Survey icon
Rubrics  rubrics icon Rubrics (Located under Settings)  
Student Impersonate  student impersonate icon Student View (Located under Settings)    student view icon
Student Progress  student progress icon View Progress (Located under Modules)  View Progress icon
Surveys  surveys icon Quizzes - "Ungraded Survey"  
Upload a File  Upload a file icon Files  Files icon