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Software Licensing - Prospective Products

Update: Prospective Products process is changing 

 In July 2023, this page will be retired and the process for making and tracking software requests will change. If you have questions about this process, please contact Software Licensing.

This page lists products under consideration for possible multi-user license agreements as well as the process for adding products to our Software Catalog. OIT updates this page regularly to keep customers informed of progress toward obtaining multi-user licenses.

Request new campus licensed software

In order to be considered for a campus license, software should be multi-user software (used by multiple people or devices). The number varies based on factors such as the value of the product. For example, a 5-user software license where each individual license costs $10,000 each is appropriate to manage at the campus level; a 50-user software license where each individual license costs $10 each is not.

If your department is considering or preparing to purchase a new multi-user software product, please follow these steps:

  1. Review the Software Catalog to determine if the campus already licenses this software, or if a similar product exists that can meet your needs.
  2. Review the Prospective Products list to see if others have an interest in the same product.
  3. If not on either list and this will be generally available campus software, contact Software Licensing to see how we can help with contract review, procurement, and license management. Partnering with the OIT Software Asset Management team (SAM) may improve your procurement experience and reduce your compliance risks in the future. In your email, please include:
    • Product Name
    • Approximate number of people in your area who would use the product
    • Your area (department, school, or institute)
  4. OIT may contact you to request additional information, inform you of upcoming vendor presentations and user group meetings, and/or ask you to complete a survey regarding the product(s).

Pre-purchase Considerations

  • OIT does not centrally pay for software; departments (either one or several in a collaborative cost sharing model) will fund the software. You will need to represent at least one of the funding sources for software, or, represent a large number of users of the software. (See “Software Funding” under Services We Offer.) 
  • Contact Software Licensing to see how we may help you with building the cost/purchase model, in addition to contract review, procurement, and license management. If we are not able to help provide the software now, we will add the software product to the list of Prospective Products so that others who are interested can contact us.
  • For single-user software, or other small (under $5,000 and/or under 5 users) software that is not already licensed by the campus, you or your department purchaser may purchase on your own.

Prospective Products List

The following products are currently under review. Contact Software Licensing to be added to the Current Interest count. 

Software Title Status Current Interest Target Threshold Last Updated

Prospective Products Table Definitions


InvestigatingA campus interest has been identified; the SAM team is investigating the product and cost model to determine a way forward and Target Threshold.
TrackingThe SAM team is collecting data; new requests are being compiled and added to the Perspective Products list. 
NegotiatingThe Target Threshold has been met and the SAM team is discussing a license agreement with the supplier.
Securing Funding The SAM team is discussing funding with interested departments.
Reset / TrackingThe SAM team was unable to secure funding within a reasonable period; the request count has been reset and Tracking has restarted.
PurchasingThe SAM team is in the process of ordering new software licenses.
In productionA new license agreement has been established, provisioning and consumption of the licenses is underway
CancelledThe SAM team has determined that a license agreement will not be pursued for reasons such as, 1) a funding source could not be established, 2) the product has been retired or changed by the supplier, or 3) another, alternative product has been identified.

Current Interest 

The count of requests received by the SAM team for the product

Target Threshold

The count of licenses required to make a new license agreement financially viable. 

Last Updated

The date of the latest request received by the SAM team.