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Last Updated: 04/03/2017


The University of Colorado in partnership with Identity Finder is promoting the Identity Finder Student Initiative, providing Students with a copy of Identity Finder home edition at no cost. The software is designed to assist students find private data stored on their computers.

Modern malware targets locations computers store records of purchases made online, college applications, credit and banking applications and more. If the malware finds this information it communicates that information to its creator. The information is then used to steal identities or to make errant purchases without the owner's knowledge. Knowing where this information is provides the user with options. Students are advised to utilize this software to assist in protecting themselves. Learn more at the Identity Finder Student Initiative Resource page.

To download this software go to the Identity Finder CU Student Portal and follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter your information into the fields First Name, Last Name, email address (must be your CU email account) and then choose your graduation year form the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Identity Finder Home Edition (for Windows or Mac) and then click continue.
  3. Confirm your information then click Continue
  4. Open the email sent to your account and click on the Software Download link.
  5. Choose your download type (either Mac or Windows)
  6. Install Identity Finder (Mac or Windows)
  7. When first launching prompted to Activate. Enter in the Activation Number from the email sent to your account.

Identity Finder Help

OIT provides Identity Finder tutorials covering installation and finding highly confidential data for both Windows and Mac computers (Linux users should use SENF).