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Walk-in Desktop Support - Help

Last Updated: 04/03/2017

Minimum Software and Hardware Standards for Support

The personal computing systems being suppported are required to adhere to the minimum supported hardware and software standards or the support provided will be to transition them to a fully supported environment. Review the Supprted Hardware and Software List.

Terms of Use for Walk-In Desktop Support Service

Terms of Use statement that customers agree to when signing in for walk-in support.

ITS Walk-In Center Desktop Support (Student Desktop Support Technician Service)

Please review the following statements.

  1. I am either the lawful owner of the computer, or I am permitted to represent the organization or person the computer belongs to.
  2. I authorize OIT Desktop Support Student Desktop Support Technicians to access any, and all data, information, or physical parts of my computer equipment as it is necessary to perform the requested service.
  3. I understand the work performed by OIT Desktop Support Student Desktop Support Technicians may not completely resolve any issue with the computer. Also, the work that is performed may not prevent future problems.
  4. I understand that OIT will attempt to backup my data to assist with minimizing any data loss; however, OIT is not responsible under any circumstances for loss or corruption of data and/or software, even if the owner was unable or unwilling to backup the data prior to receiving support. (ITS will attempt to keep the backed up data for a period of up to two weeks; however, OIT reserves the right to delete the data prior to that time.)
  5. I understand that OIT Desktop Support Student Desktop Support Technicians does not repair hardware problems. If a hardware problem is diagnosed, I will be advised to take the computer to PC maintenance for further resolution.
  6. I understand that OIT Desktop Support Student Desktop Support Technicians are performing this service at my request and is not responsible for any damages, loss, liability, or inconvenience that result from the services provided.

I have read, understand, and agree to these statements, and authorize OIT Desktop Support Student Desktop Support Technicians to take reasonable and necessary actions on my computer to satisfy my service request.

What to bring and what to leave at home or in your office

  • Bring your BuffOne Card to sign in
  • Customers with desktops do not need to bring peripherals (keyboard, monitor, mouse) in order to receive assistance.
  • Customers with laptop computers should bring their CD-ROM drive and power supply.

One Hour Service Guarantee

Note: Student Desktop Support Technicians guarantee one hour of service to your machine. After one hour, if the facility is busy, you will be asked to bring your machine back at another time.