Apple Software - FAQ

Last Updated: 01/10/2018

General FAQ

Are CSRs required to facilitate installation of software?

ITS is asking that CSRs help faculty and staff download and install the software for their assigned departments. If the CSR is unable to carry out these functions, faculty and staff in the department are welcome to contact the IT Service Center for Student Desktop Support Technician assistance.

Are iWork and iLife included in the AELP?

Keynote (presentation software) and Pages (word processor) are still licensed for campus Macs.

However, Numbers (the spreadsheet) and iLife are not part of our Volume licensing agreement.  New Macs come with iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand) and users of those computers can continue to use the installed version. Updates, however, must be purchased through Apple's App Store.

Are license keys required for Apple software?


Can faculty and staff use AELP software on a personally funded computer?

No, AELP covers only university-owned computers.

Can student employees use the AELP?

AELP software can be used by student employees on university-owned computers, but not personal computers.

Does the AELP apply to computers used by students for research or computers in student labs?

Yes, as long as the computers are university owned.

Does the AELP include server software?


How do I get a copy of the Apple software for installation on my computer?

Software (Mac OS X, Pages, Keynote) can be downloaded from CU Boulder’s download website in the form of DMG files.  Login with your IdentiKey , and click on Download Software. Mountain Lion, Keynote and Pages can all be installed directly from DMG file.

How do I request media?

Keynote, Pages, and Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) can be installed directly from the downloaded DMG file, and do not require a disk.

What is the AELP?

AELP is a full site license which covers iLife and iWork as well as Mac OS X.As of June 2012, CU's Boulder campus has a more restricted Volume Licensing arrangement, which covers only Mac OS X, Pages, and Keynote. The change represented a large savings to the campus, while keeping access to the most used software products from Apple.

What is the cost to me or my department?

There is no direct departmental cost for using the AELP. The AELP provides software and licenses to the campus as a common good with the expectation that this will reduce the total amount of money the campus spends on Apple software and licenses.

Who can use the AELP?

AELP is for Macs purchased with CU Boulder campus departmental funds, and does not include personal computers.