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UCB Guest Wireless - Tips and Tricks

Last Updated: 04/03/2017


If you are having difficulty connecting to UCB Guest Wireless or you are experiencing slowness, the following steps may help you.

The wireless signal is weak (or nonexistent)

Know that, although UCB Guest Wireless is almost everywhere on campus, there are areas where the signal is not as strong or doesn't exist. Try moving to another area to see if you can pick up a signal or improve the signal's strength.

My connection is slow

If your connection is slow no matter where you are, try updating your wireless driver. It is highly recommended that everyone periodically check their wireless card vendor's website for driver updates. Download and install new drivers as instructed.

I'm having problems with my browser while trying to attach to the network.

Clearing a web browser's cache can correct problems you may be having with your web browser while on the CU Boulder network. Clear here to visit the clearing web browser cache homepage.

I am not staying connected to UCB Guest Wireless

Access time is five hours for UCB Guest Wireless, after which the Terms and Conditions of Use must once again be agreed to.

I cannot CU Boulder resources

UCB Guest Wireless only provides general Internet use. Guests cannot access CU Boulder resources that require on-campus connections, such as Library resources and other protected servers and services that are provided strictly for CU Boulder affiliated students, faculty and staff members.

Security Issues With Wireless

Whenever sensitive data is transmitted on wireless, a VPN should be used for secure data transmission.