Microsoft Planner

Last Updated: 06/28/2018


Microsoft Planner is an Office 365 task management feature which is integrated with Microsoft Teams. Planner allows Teams to quickly create buckets and tasks to organize and assign work.  The Planner tasks can be managed from within the Teams interface or by going to the Planner web interface.  Tasks can be assigned to one or more team members with progress status, due dates and checklists.

  • Create buckets to organize/categorize your team's tasks 
  • Create task, assign due dates, progress and assign team members to tasks 
  • Add checklists to tasks 
  • Attach files to tasks 
  • Add comments to tasks and assign labels 
  • Get notifications about task assigned to you and task progress 
  • Update Planner for iOS or Android devices 
  • Use Planner's visual dashboard to stay on top of task status for your team 

Who can get it 

CU Boulder Faculty and Staff have access to Microsoft Planner.

How can I create a Plan? 

Microsoft Planner plans can only be created from a channel in a Microsoft Team of which you are a member. If you have access to Planner, you can download the Microsoft Planner Mobile App for Android or iOS

Help Resources


CU Boulder is committed to providing help information and assistance with campus services for all users, including those with accessibility concerns. Current accessibility information for Microsoft Planner can be found on the following pages: