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Office 365 - Accessibility of Skype for Business

Accessibility Considerations

Microsoft is committed to making all of their products accessible for all users, including the instant message, audio and video conferencing product Skype for Business. General information regarding the accessibility of Skype for Business can be found on Microsoft’s Skype for Business accessibility support page.

Skype for Business can utilize many of the accessibility features native to an operating system, and also has extensive screen reader support in order to ensure that all notifications, incoming requests, and instant messages are read aloud. Additionally, Skype for Business provides over 100 keyboard shortcuts to assist users with tasks without having to use a mouse.

Alternatives and/or Workarounds

Skype for Business does not have live transcript functionality for video chats and as such may be difficult to use for those with hearing issues. These users should consider using Google Hangouts with the Hangout Captions, an application that creates a transcript of all the conversation within a hangout.  

Additional Accessibility Information

Get Help or Provide Feedback

OIT has partnered with Disability Services to provide assistance for accessibility issues related to OIT supported services and we want to hear from you about this service. If you need assistance using this service or you have more information about the accessibility of this service that we should share with others, please contact the IT Service Center at or at 303-735-4357.