G Suite - Known Issues

Last Updated: 06/28/2017

Conflicting Accounts

  • Issue: Due to the University of Colorado's agreement with Google, it has gained the right to institutionalize all @colorado.edu accounts. Google had a small window when users could sign up for a personal google account using an @colorado.edu address. Conflicting accounts occur if a user has priorly associated their @colorado.edu email address with Gmail and other Google services.
  • Resolution: Go through the account resolution process when prompted by Google, upon first login. For detailed instructions please follow the steps outlined in the Resolve Conflicting Accounts tutorial.

Incompatible Characters With Gmail

  • Issue: If a user's Identikey password has an asterisk (*) or an at sign (@), the password may be rejected when attempting to log into Google. This is due to the a discrepancy between the allowed characters fro Google and CU Identity Manager.
  • Resolution: Change your Identikey password by going to https://cuidm.colorado.edu to a password that does not contain the aforementioned characters.

Limited Mail Restore Capabilities

  • Issue: Due to Gmail's status as a cloud service, OIT does not maintain backups of the service and is therefore limited in any restore capabilities. Google provides a limited restore capability of email present in the account for the last 3 weeks. No ability exists to restore individual message beyond this, and Google does not guarantee that deleted items can be restored.
  • Resolution: There is no resolution to this issue, so make sure you truly wish to delete your messages.