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Email List Manager - Manage via Email & Common Commands

Email List Manager allows for users to subscribe, unsubscribe, and manage email lists by sending commands to Review the documentation below to learn common commands and how to send to Email List Manager.

General Message Format

To send a command to Email List Manager you need to use the following guidelines:

  1. Send commands to
  2. Leave the message Subject blank
  3. Format the command as: COMMAND listname additionalinfo
    • Be sure to capatilize the command
    • Multiple commands can be sent in one message, but only one per line
    • Additional information is not necessary for all commands (see table below for more information)
    • The image below shows how Ralphie Buffalo would subscribe to a list named ralphieslist

Available Commands

Refer to table below for a list of all commands that can be sent to Email List Manager. When referencing the commands, replace listname with the name of the list you want to interact with.

Command Output
HELP Help documentation about using Email List Manager
INFO listname Information about a list, including list owners, subject, permissions, and more
LISTS Directory of lists
REVIEW listname Display all subscribers to a list
WHICH Display the lists which you are subscribed to
SUBSCRIBE listname name Subscribe or confirm a list subscription. Note that providing a name is optional.
UNSUBSCRIBE listname email Unsubscribe from a list. Note that email is optional, but helpful if your From: address is different from the subscribed email address.
UNSUBSCRIBE * email Unsubscribe from all lists
SET listname NOMAIL Suspend the message reception for the list
SET listname DIGEST Set message reception to compilation mode
SET listname DIGESTPLAIN Set message reception to compilation mode in plain text format
SET listname SUMMARY Receive list messages as index only
SET listname NOTICE Receive list message with subject only
SET listname MAIL Receive messages in normal mode
SET listname CONCEAL Hide your email address from the subscriber list
SET listname NOCONCEAL Make email address visible on subscriber list
LAST listname Receive the last mesage from the list
INVITE listname email Send an invite to subscribe to an email address
CONFIRM key Confirmation for sending a message (depending on the list configuration)
QUIT Indicates the end of commands. Useful for ignoring an email signature.

Commands for List Owners

The following commands are available only for list owners and moderators:

Command Output
ADD listname email name Add a user to a list
DEL listname email Remove a user from a list
STATS listname To consult the statistics for a list
REMIND listname Send a reminder message to each subscriber. A good way to remind users of their subscribed email address.