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E-mail and Anti-Spam - Report Spam

Reporting a False Negative

To report a false negative (mail not being marked as Potential-SPAM when it should have been) you can send that message as an attachment (RFC-822 MIME encoded) to If you do not know how to send a message as an attachment follow the directions below for your mail client. The message will be passed on to Cisco for evaluation. If deemed spam, Cisco may update the IronPort filters accordingly.

Please note: Senders will not receive a response or acknowledgement of receipt from, nor is there a guarantee that they will never receive a message from that sender again.

Reporting a False Positive

To report a false positive (mail marked Potential-SPAM when it is legitimate), please send the message to as an attachment. Note that these messages will be seen by University of Colorado employees as well as by employees of IronPort Systems (a subsidiary of Cisco). By sending these messages, you are acknowledging that they do not contain personal, financial, or otherwise private information.

If you do not know how to send a message as an attachment follow the directions below for your mail client. Please note that the mis-identified message must be attached to the email that you send – we cannot accept “forwarded” messages.

How to Send a Message as an Attachment

Apple Mail
  1. Click on the email you want to forward
  2. Select File Save AsFormat - Raw Message Source
  3. Create a new message
  4. Attach raw source file(s) to the new message
  1. Open the message you want to forward.
  2. Click the Forward link in the box below the message.
  3. Add the new recipient(s) and any additional text to your message.
  4. Click Send.
Microsoft Outlook 2013 (Windows)
  1. Click New Email to start a new message.
  2. Click Attach Item.
  3. Select Outlook Item.
  4. In the Insert Item window, browse to the folder with the email message you want to attach.
  5. Click OK.


  1. Select the suspicious email.
  2. Hit Control-Alt-F on your keyboard to forward the suspicious email as an attachment.
Microsoft Outlook 2016 (Mac)
  1. Right-click the message.
  2. Choose Forward As Attachment.
Office 365 Outlook on the web
  1. In the upper left-hand corner click on the + icon then select New message
  2. Drag the suspicious email into the body of the new message. This will add the suspicious email as an attachment.
Mozilla Thunderbird
  1. Click on the email you want to forward
  2. Select Message, then Forward As, and then select Attachment
  1. Open PINE
  2. Configure PINE to display full headers if you have not already done so
    • M (Main Menu)
    • S (Setup) Choose a setup task from the menu below:
    • C (Configure)
    • Scroll down to Advanced Command Preferences, and press X to set enable-full-header-cmd.
  3. After checking enable-full-header-cmd Forward a message an attachment as follows:
  4. Select the message
  5. Press Enter to read it
  6. Press the H key to display full headers
  7. Press the F key
  8. Type yes to forward as attachment