E-mail Identity

Last Updated: 12/05/2018


CU Boulder provides you with the capability of managing personal aspects of your email identity through a secure tool known as "Identity Manager


  • View the accounts you own
  • Choose your display name
  • Manage your email address(es)
    • how it displays
    • alternate addresses
    • delivery location

All work with the Identity Manager is done through secure access to the web-based tool via your IdentiKey.


CU Boulder email and the email management tools offered by the campus are provided as common-good services to all faculty, staff and students - which means there is no direct cost to the individual or department.

Who can get it

All CU Boulder faculty, staff and students with an active IdentiKey have access to CU Boulder email and the corresponding Identity Manager tool.

How to get it

The tool for establishing your email identity, Identity Manager, can be accessed by logging in with your IdentiKey.

Instructions / Tutorials