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Kubi - Local Users Overview

Using Kubi in Class

Before Class

  • Fully charge the iPad and Kubi between classes.
  • Determine the best location for the Kubi and try to place the Kubi there each day.
  • Set up the Kubi a few minutes before class to troubleshoot if needed.
  • Position the setup so the iPad volume buttons are on top and the red “Kubi” logo is facing forward.
  • Plan how you will share content with the Kubi student (e.g., email handouts, write larger on the chalkboard).

During Class

  • Check in regularly to make sure the Kubi student can see, hear, and be heard.
  • The instructor and in-class students should actively engage with the Kubi student as with any other student.
  • Use students’ names, including the Kubi student’s, when asking targeted questions so it’s clear who is expected to respond.
  • As the instructor scans the classroom, make sure to also look at the Kubi student.
  • Inform the Kubi student before moving them.
  • For group work, position the Kubi so the student can see the entire group together.
  • Ask the Kubi student to mute if there is distracting background noise coming from their side.

Communicate regularly with the Kubi student and in-class students to see if they have ideas for improvement.

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