CUClickers / i>clickers - Tips and Tricks

Last Updated: 11/26/2018

I can't get my CUConnect roster to work with CUClickers.

First, make sure that you read OIT's documentation about downloading CUConnect rosters for i>clicker software.

Also make sure that you have renamed the exported file "Roster.txt" and placed it in your CUClickers course folder. It must be called "Roster.txt" for i>clicker and igrader software to recognize it.

I can't synchronize the i>clicker remote IDs to my student's CU Login Names using the Synchronize Web Registrations feature in igrader.

  1. Open i>clicker and click on My Settings, then click LMS/Reg tab.
  2. In the Server URL for Web Registration text field, delete any existing text.
  3. Click on Set for Course (or Set for Term on a Mac).

A particular i>clicker remote ID does not synchronize to a student's CU Login Name, but everyone else's does.

Make sure that the student has registered his or her i>clicker remote in CUConnect.

If the student has registered, ask him or her to review their registration in CUConnect and verify that the i>clicker remote ID was entered correctly.

When using PowerPoint, my instructor remote isn't working.

First, PowerPoint has to be the active window for instructor remotes to work.

Also, if you haven't already you need to designate your remote in the i>clicker software. To do so:

  1. Open i>clicker and click on Your Settings and Preferences.
  2. In the Designated Instructors Remote text field, enter the i>clicker remote's ID number.
  3. Click on Set for Course (or Set for Term on a Mac).

My i>clicker remote won't turn on, even though I've put new batteries in the device.

Some older i>clicker devices have a problem with battery spring fatigue. If you believe that your device is experiencing spring fatigue, visit the CU Bookstore or IT Service Center and ask for a new i>clicker spring.

Base stations are not functioning with my classroom's frequency

Don't use two base stations on the same frequency in the same classroom.  They will interfere with one another. Only power one base station at a time in any given classroom.