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iClicker Classic

Last Updated: 08/18/2020

iClicker Classic is Being Retired

iClicker Classic will be phased out during academic year 2020-21. OIT recommends faculty transition to iClicker Cloud as it provides a better user experience for faculty and students, and can be adapted to our changing educational environment. If you still plan on using iClicker Classic this academic year, use the documentation and resources below to assist, otherwise, visit the main CUClicker page for help with iClicker Cloud. 

iClicker Classic Resources

Getting Started
Tips and Tricks

Clicker Synchronization


Ensure you didn't check the LMS box on the Gradebook page in Settings

Gradebook tab screenshot showing the "Only sync remote registrations with students in your LMS" checkbox as unselected.

i>clicker remote IDs won't sync to student CU Login Names in igrader

  • Open i>clicker, click My Settings, then click the LMS/Registration tab
  • In the Server URL for Web Registration text field, delete any existing text
  • Click on Set for Course (Windows) or Set for Term (Macs)

One i>clicker remote ID isn't synchronizing to a student's CU Login Name

  • Make sure that the student has registered their i>clicker remote in MyCUinfo
  • If the student has registered, ask him or her to review their registration in MyCUinfo and verify the i>clicker remote ID was entered correctly

Clicker Frequency Issues

If students report that only AA works, reset the classrom frequency in your iclicker settings (posted on the wall or on the Room Frequency Assignments page).

Using Canvas with Clickers

  • Rename your class in Canvas with the semester and year in the title to make it easier to find.
  • When selecting your Canvas section, you might see several classes listed with the same name. The first is all the sections combined, the ones listed below are individual sections. If you only have one section, you'll see two options and you can choose either one.

If PowerPoint doesn't work with instructor remote

Before use, PowerPoint has to be the active window for instructor remotes to work. You also need to designate your remote in the i>clicker software.

  1. Open i>clicker and select Your Settings and Preferences.
  2. In the Designated Instructors Remote text field, enter the i>clicker remote's ID number.
  3. Click on Set for Course (Windows) or Set for Term (Mac).