Computing Labs - Report a Problem

Last Updated: 08/30/2019

Reporting Hardware and Software Problems

To report non-emergency problems in the labs please use the OIT Lab Maintenance Request page. This site was created to allow problem reporting from the labs to reach us and be resolved in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Examples of problems that should be reported this way are:

  • Computer not turning on or not responding to user input
  • Software application not launching or quitting unexpectedly
  • Not being able to login to a computer
  • Problems with projector/LCD display or projector/LCD controls

Reporting Problems That Affect the Entire Lab

If a problem is affecting mutliple computers in a lab but the lab is still usable (for example Firefox won't launch on any computer but other applications are working correctly), please report the problem on the Lab Maintenance Request page.

If a problem affects a whole lab in a way that makes the lab unusable or if the majority of computers in a lab are experiencing problems, call the IT Service Center. Make sure to provide your name and contact information and state that the problem is with an OIT computing lab and give the name of the building and room number.