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Last Updated: 08/07/2018

System Administration

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System Administration

This service provides server system support for proper functionality of the tools and network services necessary for productive use of distributed computers and workstations. Examples include systems acting as web servers, application servers, database servers, and custom computational servers. This service encompasses development, test, and production servers, standalone departmental and research servers, and highly available mission critical services. This service includes full system administration of Unix/Linux/Windows operating systems and software installation. Supported Operating Systems include Windows and RedHat Enterprise Linux on either physical or virtual hardware.

SIS can virtualize your new or existing IT environment or host your existing equipment in one of the campus data centers. A campus data center offers the best possible physical and technical environment for academic, research, and administrative computing equipment. Electricity and cooling are well designed, robust, and available in various redundant configurations. Professional IT staff from Research Computing and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) are available to support various tasks and maintain computing equipment. Learn more by visiting the SPSC Data Center website

System Administration may include but is not limited to:

  • Operating system installation
  • Operating system upgrades
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Anti-Virus/Malware Scanning
  • Installation of 3rd party applications
  • Software package management
  • Account management
  • Hardware diagnostics (if physical)
  • End user tech support
  • Application Support
  • Computational Cluster Computing
  • Logging, Monitoring, and Trending Administration
  • Database Administration (if applicable)
  • Backup Administration (included if virtual server, 0.15/GB/month if physical)
  • Web Application Hosting

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Database Administration

SIS provides the day-to-day management of your database needs for databases currently including: MongoDB, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Common services include: database configuration changes, patching, user and permission management, migration and restores, and performance tuning and optimization. We also provide database maintenance plans to ensure your database environment is running in an optimal state. Our services also include monitoring of database availability, health, patch status and more. Please note that database administration is included when you purchase System Administration.

Database Administration may include but is not limited to:

Database configuration changes Troubleshooting
Database patching Request, Incident, and Event Management
Database user and permission management Problem resolution, workaround, and remediation
Database migrations Design and development
Database performance tuning and optimization Assist developers with promoting code from dev/test to production.
Audit configuration best practices Database HA setup and configuration
Database service health including availability, log aggregation, trending and notifications Database maintenance (examples include backups, integrity checks and index rebuilds)


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Storage Administration

SIS provides consulting and management services for storage systems for everything from enterprise-class storage systems to small business class storage, including direct-attached storage solutions. We will consult with you to uncover your storage needs and then help match those needs to the best storage solution based on data size, usage patterns and budget. And once it is deployed, we will manage the storage system. Examples of vendors we have supported in the past include: HP, Lefthand, SATABeast, Dell MD Series, NetApp, e-NAS, Nexsan, Infortrend, and Nexenta.

Storage Administration may include but is not limited to:

  • Deploying, administering and maintaining multiple large scale storage systems.
  • Proactive daily monitoring and health checks of storage subsystems and storage networking infrastructure
  • Tuning storage components to ensure optimal reliability, performance and customer amenity
  • Creating and/or maintaining documentation in support of large scale storage array infrastructure.
  • Knowledge of and skills with storage networking technologies in large scale heterogeneous storage environments
  • Expertise in storage array design and configuration
  • We deploy and manage both SAN and NAS environments
  • We architect, implementation and manage storage administration under Linux and Microsoft operating systems


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Cloud Administration

SIS provides cloud administration services to campus customers through two different service models.

  1. Private Cloud: Through an OIT-hosted private cloud SIS provides virtual Windows and Linux server hosting. Please see Windows-Based Virtual Server and Linux-Based Virtual Server under Operation System Administration Services for more information.
  2. Cloud Administration: We recognize a small percentage of campus departments have their own cloud-hardware and for these departments SIS provides VMWare cloud administration on customer-owned hardware. This includes management of the VMWare infrastructure, including virtual machine hosting, and VDI backend support. Common services include management of underlying hardware, network and storage. SIS will also monitor cluster health, host status, hardware performance and utilization, operating system role and feature health, patch status, and more.

Cloud Administration may include but is not limited to:

Management of underlying hardware Management of underlying networking
Troubleshooting Management of underlying storage
Request, Incident, and Event Management Management of VMWare environment
Problem resolution, workaround, and remediation Monitor Cluster Health
Monitor Status Messages/Warnings Monitor Host status
Monitor Cluster Health Monitor hardware performance and utilization
Monitor Event Logs Monitor OS Role and Feature Health
Monitor System Resources Health Status Monitor Virtual and physical networking

Base Virtual Server includes:

  • 1 CPU
  • Up to 2GB RAM
  • Up to 100GB Storage (includes file level backups)

Prices above include full management (full management is System Administration plus Backup Administration plus Logging, Monitoring, & Trending, plus Database Administration (if applicable))

SIS strives for 99.9% availability of the OIT Private Cloud hardware infrastructure which is built upon VMware technology.


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Backup Administration

SIS provides a nightly backup service to ensure the recovery of your data in the event of a hardware or software failure. SIS will nightly make copies of information stored on the subscriber's computing system's fixed media disk(s). Nightly backups of Unix systems are saved to off-site locations and retained for 30 days. Nightly backups of Windows systems are saved to off-site locations and retained for 14 days. Prices vary based on the amount of data (in gigabytes) to be backed up. Backup administration can also be provided on customer-supplied hardware.


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Logging, Monitoring and Trending Administration

SIS will provide the platform to supply service and component-level monitoring for applications and service. We will provide end user experience monitoring of a service as well as component layer monitoring, log aggregation, and alerting services tailored to your specific needs.