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What is Business Analysis?

Business analysis is a term and field that covers a lot of ground and can be interpreted in many ways. One fairly general way to describe it is that it consists of eliciting, analyzing, and documenting the requirements of our CU constituents in order to better understand their needs. Business analysis is often done within the context of a project or a service improvement effort to help ensure that we're doing the right work in an effective way. Rather than provide a specific framework or workflow describing how business analysis happens in OIT, we'll provide a toolkit of templates, processes, and suggestions that a business analyst, PM, or anyone else can use as needed. Request BASA resources or assistance today!

What is Solution Architecture?

Solution architecture is a practice of defining and describing an architecture of a system delivered in context of a specific solution and as such it may encompass description of an entire system or only its specific parts. Typically, part of the solution development team, the solution architect translates requirements created by business analysts into the architecture for that solution and describing it through architecture and design artifacts. The rest of the development team then uses those artifacts to implement the solution. The solution architect's process typically involves selecting the most appropriate technology for the problem.