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BASA - Testimonials

Dr. Claire Dunn,  IRB Program Director

Having a Business Analyst working with the IRB has reduced user frustration, improved system performance and given the IRB staff time back to do what they are hired and trained to do.

Denitta Ward, Director of Office of Contracts and Grants

The OCG has saved significant staff hours as a result of having embedded IT Business Analysis and Application Support. Without IT knowing on a very practical and daily basis what the work is of OCG, I cannot imagine how systems implementation could be done effectively. Documenting how the business is using the application allowed us to memorialize processes and provide increased accountability to ensure compliance measures are in place to use the application as it is intended to be used.

Kristi Wold-McCormick, University Registrar

I am so glad that BASA is involved in this project. You are doing so much of the heavy lifting and effective coordination and communication, on our behalf, and I’m very appreciative of and grateful for your many talents and contributions. I have to admit, with the OIT changes and new ERP process this year, I was a little confused and unsure at first of how everything would work out, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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