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Business Analysis and Solutions Architecture (BASA)

Connecting business needs to solutions

OIT’s Business Analysis and Solution Architecture services drive the university to effective, efficient, and innovative processes by engaging with partner-stakeholders to bring about business process solutions that support the university’s strategic goals.

BASA chart

Engage BASA:

  • If you are struggling to complete a business process in an efficient way
  • If you are struggling to utilize the business application(s) to do your work
  • If you are having trouble getting the data and reports you need to do your  job
  • If you are examining the current state of work and how to utilize technology more effectively
  • If you need new development or significant enhancement to an existing service or process
  • Before hiring someone to create an in house application
  • If a change you’re making is going to impact people


The BASA team:

  • Analyzes and streamlines business processes
  • Develops efficient electronic procedures
  • Ensures Quality System (Test applications and upgrades)
  • Matches Business Needs to Systems
  • Provides faculty and administration impact


  • Reduce the burden of a process that doesn’t fit what you’re trying to accomplish
  • Business processes and IT go hand in hand to run operations effectively and efficiently
  • Gain the ability to use your solution properly through training and documentation

How To Get It

The first step is to talk about your project. Fill out our proposal form to get started!