Architecture Review Board

Last Updated: 02/26/2020

About the Architecture Review Board

The OIT Architecture Review Board serves as a governance body ensuring the timely review of technology decisions and assuring alignment with standards and best practices of projects and OIT services. The ARB performs reviews of technical architecture associated with projects in the OIT project portfolio, as well as reviews of other campus initiatives and projects. The ARB members meet regularly, review submissions, and provide responses and questions to submissions created.

ARB Goals

  • Ongoing and timely review of technology decisions
  • Assessment of compliance with architectural standards
  • Communication of architectural standards and technology roadmaps
  • Optimize value of investments and resources in technology services and applications
  • Review new technologies
  • Assess technologies for retirement and replacement

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What we do

  • Technical architecture reviews and consulting
  • Give recommendations for standards and techniques in information technology application infrastructure, patterns, cloud services selection, design, and deployment
  • Assessment of standards and best practices compliance
  • Assist in compliance with security, privacy and data storage requirements
  • Give suggestions for meeting accessibility requirements
  • Management of SaaS governance, legal agreements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Negotiation tips for getting best pricing from vendors

Get Started

If you have additional questions about the ARB review board, contact If you are ready for the ARB to review the technical architecture of your project, initiative or service, please submit the ARB project review form.

Architectural Standards

The OIT Architecture Review Board uses various references and best practice frameworks when reviewing technology applications to provide recommendations. Listed below are some resources to help in guiding you and others involved in your project or initiative. Check back periodically for updates as this resource list will continue to grow.