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Architecture Review Board

About the Architecture Review Board

The Campus IT Architecture Review Board (ARB) ensures that technical decisions made by campus IT service providers and project teams appropriately consider important contextual factors. The objective is to balance the need for innovation and flexibility, while ensuring a robust and supportable campus IT environment that maximizes efficiency and interoperability. Some of the important contextual factors which should always be considered when making technical design decisions are:

  • Technology standards, common methods, and conventions established and in-use across the campus and university system
  • Industry best practices
  • Known and expected future directions in relevant technologies
  • Direct experience with specific technologies and products

ARB Goals

  • Ongoing and timely review of technology decisions with recommendations
  • Assessment of conformance with architectural standards
  • Communication of architectural standards and technology roadmaps
  • Optimize value of investments and resources in technology services and applications
  • Review new and emerging technologies
  • Assess technologies for retirement and replacement

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What we do

The ARB reviews or participates in making key technology decisions, which can include working with teams to develop architectures, and helping create architectural competency and contextual knowledge within campus IT product and service teams. The ARB makes recommendations considering the above contextual factors and various solution-specific details such as:

  • How data will be stored and managed (and backed up)
  • How systems are accessed by end-users/customers and by administrative users
  • Available methods for authentication, authorization, and role management
  • How monitoring for performance, availability, and proper function will be performed
  • Redundancy/failover or high availability requirements and how they are achieved
  • Possible alternative technology approaches, where appropriate
  • On-going monitoring and/or auditing mechanisms, if applicable. (e.g. if the software accesses highly confidential data)
  • Software/system lifecycle and sustainability considerations, especially for in-house developed or heavily customized solutions
  • How specific products/technologies align within current and desired future states of the campus IT environment
  • What data integrations might be required and options for achieving those integrations

ARB Members

  • Jason Armbruster 
  • Jason Black 
  • Harika Bondalapati 
  • Dave Bunten
  • David Cavalieri 
  • Jon Giltner 
  • Dave Goldhammer 
  • Jason Hill 
  • Kunta Hutabarat 
  • Brad Judy 
  • Todd Schaefer 
  • Fred Schumacher 
  • Marwan Shaher 
  • Jeremy Sparks 
  • Michael Williamson 
  • Alex Viggio 

Get Started

If you have additional questions about the ARB review board, contact If you are ready for the ARB to review the technical architecture of your project, initiative or service, please submit the ARB project review form.


Architectural Standards

The OIT Architecture Review Board uses various references and best practice frameworks when reviewing technology applications to provide recommendations. Listed below are some resources to help in guiding you and others involved in your project or initiative. Check back periodically for updates as this resource list will continue to grow.