Universal Design for Instruction Training

Last Updated: 02/10/2016

Our Universal Instructional Design Consultant, Alaina Beaver, is available to provide trainings for departments and campus organizations on Universal Design principles and best practices in learning and instructional design. Trainings can range between 15-minute sessions to half-day workshops depending on scope, goals and needs. Participants will understand Universal Design as a theoretical framework, where they can go for additional resources, and how to begin employing some easy, practical ideas to make their work accessibility-friendly for a maximum diversity of people.

The Universal Instructional Design Consultant can provide presentations and training on the following:

  • Introduction to universal design and accessibility
  • Introduction to the Department of Justice inquiry at CU Boulder and what the Accessibility Policy will be like
  • Getting started with universal design
  • Making Word documents and PowerPoints accessible (and Google Docs and Slides)
  • Do it yourself captions in YouTube (and how to teach this to students) and other captioning resources
  • Making D2L content and PDFs accessible
  • Using Read&Write for Google Chrome as an accessible productivity browser extension, other accessible digital tools