Academic Technology Design Team - Tech Evaluation

Last Updated: 08/22/2017

We identify innovative educational technologies that show great teaching and learning potential and exhibit promise to scale campus-wide. We work closely with other OIT groups to evaluate and pilot these technologies.

Kubi Petit Pilot for ITAL 1020

In a collaboration between the Department of French and Italian and OIT, the Academic Technology Design Team will work with Giorgio Corda and one distance student to pilot the use of Kubi in the face-to-face ITAL 1020.005 class for the spring 2016 semester to meet the distance student’s needs without disrupting the face-to-face classroom environment. Read more

Interactive Video Tool Evaluation

An interactive video tool allows you to integrate a quiz directly into a video. As students are watching, the video will pause then a quiz question will appear. Often, you can require that students successfully answer the quiz question before moving forward. In-video quizzes can be used with most video, from YouTube content to full-length films. Read more

Question Bank Tool Evaluation

For faculty who work collaboratively on quizzes or exams, the ability to share quiz questions digitally with one another is indispensable. While D2L gives instructors some question-sharing capabilities, these don’t meet the needs of every project. Read more

D2L Mobile App

Desire2Learn’s Assignment Grader is an app Instructors can use to download assignments from the Dropbox tool in their D2L course to their iPad or Android device for offline grading. Instructors can also grade assignments while connected to the Internet for automatic synchronization of feedback and grades to their assignment’s dropbox folder. Read more