Academic Technology Design Team - Spotlight on Our Work

Last Updated: 09/12/2018

This space exists to celebrate and highlight our individual, team, and cross-team achievements and accomplishments!

University Exploration & Advising Center (UEAC) Efforts

In August 2018, the UEAC Advisors hosted their first College Day Orientation for incoming students. Their orientation featured a “Start Your Journey” map for first-year success and a session on problem-solving during the transition to college, both designed by the Learning Experience Designers. Find out more about the UEAC/ATDT project.

Kubi Facilitates Language Learning While Studying Abroad

During the 2017-2018 academic year, two students studying abroad were able to continue their Arabic language learning with Professor Mona Farrag Attwa utilizing Kubi remote attendance technology. Learn how both student and instructor used Kubi effectively.

Previous Spotlight Features

Diverse Learners Awareness Week 2017

Building on the success of the inaugural 2016 Diverse Learners Awareness Week (DLAW), the 2017 DLAW took place the week of February 18 - 22 on the CU Boulder and CU Denver campuses. The goal was to continue promoting the CU Boulder Accessibility Policy and various resources available on campus, as well as to connect with faculty, students, and the community. Read more about DLAW 2017.

Faculty Spotlight: Sam Flaxman

Assistant Professor Sam Flaxman, course instructor for EBIO 1210, was recognized at the Disability Services Spring 2017 Awards Ceremony for his dedication to improving accessibility and inclusiveness for all students. Sam has embraced the principles of Universal Design to create and cultivate accessible, inclusive learning experiences for students in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Read more about Sam Flaxman's Universal Design efforts.

Design Thinking 101

The Academic Technology Design Team uses design thinking as a problem-solving framework to design solutions to teaching and learning challenges. Read more about our Design Thinking process.

Universal Design Fellowship, 2016-2017 Pilot Program

Universal Design Fellows partner with OIT’s Universal Instructional Design Consultant to redesign a course to be fully accessible. Read more about the 2016-2017 cohort.

Problem Solving with Design Thinking

ATDT team members led a design thinking workshop at the 2016 COLTT Conference. Design thinking is a creative and action-oriented approach that has been used to design innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions for entrepreneurs and social change leaders... Read more about the workshop.

Faculty Spotlight: Edwige Simon

In September of 2015, Dr. Edwige Simon, Director of the Elevate Program at the Anderson Language & Technology Center at CU Boulder, became the first faculty member to proactively incorporate Universal Design (UD) into her class--not only in practice, but also as course content--through collaboration with OIT... Read more about Dr. Simon's UD experience.