Formative Assessment at Scale: Evaluating Peer Assessment at CU Boulder

Last Updated: 08/29/2016

Building on the Coursera MOOCs efforts, in Spring of 2015 the Academic Technology Design Team piloted technological and curricular aspects of calibrated peer assessment (CPR) implementation on campus. CPR tools allow faculty to train students as evaluators of peer work, distribute student work, facilitate exchange of feedback among students, and calculate student grades based on peer input. The project was chartered under the endorsement of Associate Vice Provost William Kuskin and The Director of the Center for STEM Learning Noah Finkelstein. After an exhaustive technology search and two thorough in-course pilots, the ATDT determined that there are no workable technology solutions available for campus at this time. The technologies that we assessed as options for this project include UCLA’s CPR, PeerStudio, UBC’s iPeer, Peer Assessment Tool in Coursera, Peer Assessment Tool in Canvas, and D2L Quizzes + Turnitin PeerMark Combo. The ATDT ended the pilot and recommended that OIT remain vigilant for new technologies that may meet this compelling learning need.