Academic Technology Design Team - Consultations & Trainings

Last Updated: 08/03/2017

We provide consultations and trainings on a wide range of topics in teaching, learning, assessment, and design.

Reimagining Pedagogical Approaches

To reimagine pedagogical approaches, we provide consultations on:

  • Reviewing syllabi and learning outcomes
  • Providing formative assessment
  • Incorporating student feedback into course development
  • Creating student-centered content
  • Improving efficiency in resources
  • Motivating students
  • Using calibrated peer review

Examples of this work include:

  • Research Computing’s Scientific Visualization Course
  • Colorado Law School’s Clinical Technology Action Plan
  • Desktop Support Training Consult
  • Developing Grading Rubric

Supporting Teaching with Campus Technology

We provide support for your teaching and learning needs with campus technology. We can meet one-on-one or provide larger trainings upon request.

Contact us for consultations and trainings on:

  • Desire2Learn
  • Google Apps
  • Kaltura Streaming Video
  • Qualtrics Survey Software
  • Turnitin
  • VoiceThread
  • Other campus technologies

Making Teaching Accessible

We provide proactive and forward-thinking support in designing teaching and learning for a wide range of learners. We can meet one-on-one or provide larger trainings upon request.

Contact us for consultations and trainings on:

  • Making documents and presentations accessible
  • Teaching in an accessible way
  • Brainstorming the alignment between pedagogy, learning goals, and accessibility

Envisioning Online Training and Orientation Environments

Online trainings or orientations can be impersonal, overwhelming, and demotivating unless one considers personalizing and enriching the experience by adopting a user-centered approach. Learner motivation can be cultivated through personalized content or pathways, and by building in achievement markers.

We can support designing a personalized, rich, and welcoming experience for your audience. Examples of this work include:

  • Community Equity Online Orientation Environment
  • Community Health’s Substance Use at CU Boulder: Realities, Risks, & Resources
  • Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations
  • Housing and Dining Services Training