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Academic Technology Design Team - Visual Design

The Visual Design service designs simple visualizations and representations of complex systems, processes, and information that support and communicate the work of the Academic Technology Design Team.



Kubi Tips

The ATDT created a tips brochure for those interested in Kubi... Read more

Kubi Petit Pilot Infographic

As part of the Kubi pilot, ATDT collected data from participants to create an accessible infographic. Read more

Kubi Home/Class Tips

The ATDT piloted the use of Kubi technology then created a handout for students to refer to. Read more

Pathway to Space

Pathway to Space Branding

The ATDT designed the first course, and visual elements, for CU Boulder’s Space Minor: Pathway to Space. Read more

Pathway to Space: Where’s Chris?

The ATDT created a poster for the new Space Minor at CU... Read more

Student Experience

Online Student Experience: Student-Centric and Techno-Centric

The online student experience is fragmented, and the ATDT illustrated it... Read more

Unified Student Experience Org Chart

The ATDT was tasked with creating an org chart representing a non-traditional project team’s structure. Read more


Psychology 1001 Infographic

The ATDT collected data from students in Psyc 1001 about the student experience in the course... Read more

Large Lecture Infographic

ATDT incorporated data and student feedback into an easy-to-skim infographic about large lectures. Read more


CSCI Branding

ATDT designed an introductory programming course with visual assets to raise awareness of the course offering. Read more

ATDT Project Process

This visual represents a simplified version of ATDT’s project process and a high-level description of the team’s design approach. Read more

ASSETT Infographic

These infographics present data about ASSETT’s work from the Spring and Fall 2016 semesters. Read more

OIT by the Numbers 2017

OIT needed an infographic providing numerical and graphical representations of key data about fiscal year 2017. Read more



ATDT created a visual checklist as part of the UEAC Explorer Programming Pilot.. Read more

Campus-Wide IT Governance

The ATDT created a diagram representing the complete campus-wide IT Governance structure... Read more

Accessibility Roadmap

To support faculty with accessibility, the ATDT developed an accessible 3-year roadmap. Read more

LMS Evaluation Org Chart

This project sought to represent the governance structure of the ongoing LMS Evaluation project. Read more