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  1. Identity Manager- Campus Published E-mail Address

    Manage Your Campus Published E-mail Address Overview Manage your campus published email address ... in Identity Manager. This email address is displayed in a search of the campus directory (a "white ... that have been privacy-enabled. If you do not find the email address you would like to use in the available ...

    08/15/2017 - 7:10pm

  2. IT Security Awareness Ecard: Safe Email

    over his mouse. The email’s message was disconcerting, to say the least. “ACCOUNT COMPROMISED! ... bank accounts would be frozen until his security credentials were confirmed. The email had his bank’s ... But what if his account really HAD been compromised… Fernando hovered his mouse over the link in the email ...

    04/03/2017 - 9:36am

  3. Email List Manager- Subscribe to a List

    Email List Manager- Subscribe to a List N/A Overview The following documentation steps through ... the process of subscribing to a list using the Email List Manager website. *Note: You can also subscribe ... to a list by sending an email message to with the command SUBSCRIBE listname name. ...

    08/16/2017 - 2:00am

  4. SUBJECT: Problem with your email-account.

    A Trojan SVV2876//=2013 virus have been detected in your mailbox, your email account is running ... at risk and this is affecting other accounts on the web mail system. You are to Authenticate your Email ... to do this will immediately render your email address deactivated from the web mail database. ...

    07/20/2015 - 2:20pm

  5. Email account update Webmail Central Materials Science at CU‎- Home@ 2014

    Dear subscriber email, You are welcome to Materials Science at CU‎. We wish ... To keep your account save, you should reply to this email immediately and enter the the following ... rights reserved. Email account update Webmail Central Materials Science at CU‎- Home@ 2014   ...

    07/20/2015 - 2:20pm

  6. SUBJECT: Email Administrator

    email account Your Mail Box has exceeded its Quota/Limit allocated to you by your Mail Administrator ... Re-Validate/increase your Mail Quota to the new 25GB Mail Quota. Simply Click the new email 25GB Mail Quota update link ... below for upgrade of your email account. http://wwwebemailpdate.<URL removed>.com NOTE:If unable ...

    07/20/2015 - 2:20pm

  7. SUBJECT: Re-Validate Your E-mail

    Dear  [name removed] Your email address is ready for verification.  Validate your account ...

    04/01/2017 - 12:01am

  8. Attention Colorado Email User.

    This is to inform you that Your email account has reached it's set quota. We advice that you ... or cause limited access to it. Thanks for Co-operating with Us. Copyright ©2015 Colorado Email Help Desk ...

    07/20/2015 - 2:20pm

  9. Campus Targeted by Phishing Emails

    The campus has recently been targeted by malicious emails that appear to be attempts to steal ... usernames and passwords. One such phishing email tells recipients that a mandatory upgrade is required. ... These emails are not authentic. If you receive one, do not click on the links in the email. Individuals who ...

    01/17/2018 - 8:36am

  10. Identity Manager- Manage E-mail Addresses

    Manage E-mail Addresses Yes Identity Manager- Help E-mail Identity Identity Manager- Account ... Management Identity Manager- Help What follows on that page are various ways you can manage your email ... on the <strong>Manage My Email Addresses</strong> link.</p> <p>The Manage My Email Addresses page has ...

    08/19/2015 - 4:19pm