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SUBJECT: Email Administrator

Last Updated: 07/20/2015

This Mail is from Administrator help desk, we wish to bring to your
notice the Condition of your email account Your Mail Box has exceeded
its Quota/Limit allocated to you by your Mail Administrator portal,
you are presently running on 5GB, you May not be able to receive Or
send new Mails until you Re-Validate/increase your Mail Quota to the
new 25GB Mail Quota.
Simply Click the new email 25GB Mail Quota update link below for
upgrade of your email account.

http://wwwebemailpdate.<URL removed>.com

NOTE:If unable to click the link, you are advised to copy and paste it
in a new browser to increase your Mail Quota to our new 25GB Mail
Quota. This is free and you do not need to Pay for this. Your account
will remain active after you have successfully Increase your Mail
Mail System Administrator
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