D2L - Using Your Sandbox as a Course Development Space

Last Updated: 08/10/2018


A Sandbox course is a private course space that you can use to experiment with D2L and to develop your future courses. You can access your Sandbox course from the “My Courses” area on the D2L Homepage. All CU Boulder instructors have a Sandbox course. If you do not see it on your D2L Homepage, please email help@colorado.edu to request one.

You can easily copy course components from your Sandbox course to other D2L courses. So it’s a great place to develop and store a master copy of one or more of your courses, especially if you would like to develop your course before your official course shell is available.

Another good reason to store master copies of your courses in the Sandbox is that you can make adjustments to the course materials any time you would like. For example, if you aren’t going to teach the same course for several semesters, it might be a good idea to make course adjustments right after you finish teaching the course and have it ready to be deployed in a future semester.

Moving Course Components from the Sandbox Course to Your Official Course

You have two options for moving your content from your Sandbox course into your official course.

Tips for Working with Several Courses in one Sandbox Course

  • Create a Module or a Category for each of your courses: As you add materials to the Content area, place them in the course Module; you can add several levels of Submodules to the course Module if you’d like to (see example below). Instructions for creating Modules are available here. Use Categories to organize items by courses in the Dropbox and in the Quizzes.
  • Develop one grade book at a time: It can be challenging to develop grade books for two or more courses in one Sandbox. Once you develop a grade book for one course, copy it to the official course or export it to your computer for future upload to the official course. Repeat the process to create grade books for multiple courses.
  • You can create and store several different Homepage and Navigation Bar layouts in one Sandbox course: One Homepage and one Navigation Bar can be activated in a Sandbox course at a time, but you can store and edit multiple Home Pages and Nav Bar layouts in the Sandbox.