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Lecture and presentation recording resources

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

As you make plans to deliver courses and presentations remotely, consider recording your content with resources provided by our campus. The campus Personal Capture and Classroom Capture services enable instructors and other content creators to make high-quality recordings that can combine slide presentations and lectures with rich metadata and transcriptions. 

Personal Capture: Now you can create high-quality content anywhere

Now CU Boulder faculty and staff can create high-quality videos, screencasts and slideshows wherever they may be. Personal Capture is an all-in-one solution that allows you to record, edit and share your content by pairing your presentation content with webcam video or simply a voice-over. My Mediasite’s Desktop Recorder does the rest. It synchronizes everything you say and show without requiring video production skills. It even includes the ability to incorporate in-video quizzes, basic video editing and other interactive features.

Utilizing Classroom Capture on campus

With classrooms remaining open but largely unscheduled during the summer 2020 terms, OIT and Academic Scheduling have worked together to allow instructors to schedule OIT’s Classroom Capture equipped classrooms to record lectures for use during summer or fall 2020 courses. Because Classroom Capture is fully automated and already in place in specially equipped classrooms, instructors can make high-quality lecture recordings without needing on-site support, thereby maintaining social distancing. Learn how to schedule and request Classroom Capture. Please note: Facilities management will perform cleaning and sanitation in classrooms equipped with Classroom Capture to minimize infection risk to students and instructors. Please remember to follow CU Boulder’s guidance when you come to campus

Reactivate previously recorded Classroom Capture content

Lectures that were previously recorded using the Classroom Capture service can now be reactivated and repurposed for remote learning. Just complete the new Reactivate Previously Recorded Content form

Tips for recording from home

Regardless of the lecture recording technology you choose, our do-it-yourself recording tips will guide you through the best practices for recording and sharing your videos. 

If you have questions about these lecture recording services or would like support for using these tools, please contact the IT Service Center at oithelp@colorado.edu or call 303-735-4357.