Breadcrumb TourArchived: Canvas Beta Tools and Analytics Beta

Last Updated: 04/19/2019

Did you know that Canvas offers beta tools? Canvas Beta Tools are new features released by Canvas for instructors to use. Beta tools are developed based on instructor requests to Canvas, reflecting a continuous process of improvement for the learning management system. Another significant element of Canvas Beta Tools is the invitation for specific, timely feedback from faculty who are actively using Canvas’ new features, allowing instructors to be a part of real use-driven enhancements. While there may be some limitations to these beta tools as their features are still in development, instructors testing these tools and providing feedback allows Canvas to evaluate new features and functionality.

Accordingly, we would like to announce Canvas’ newest beta tool: Analytics Beta!

In response to limitations of the current Canvas Analytics tool, Canvas has released the Analytics Beta tool. Analytics Beta includes significant improvements to course statistics available in Canvas, expanding to incorporate overall course grade averages, interactive scatter plots with averages by assignment, standard distribution graphs by assignment, and the ability to filter data by section, student, or assignment. Additionally, instructors can use the tool to message students who score within a specific grade range or who have missing or late assignments. Data for course and assignment averages can also be exported as a .csv file. 

Learn more about Analytics Beta and Canvas Beta Tools.