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E-mail Delivery and Antivirus

Last Updated: 04/03/2017


Antivirus software is one of the most important tools for safe-guarding your computer, vital information, and personal data from the daily onslaught of viruses and worms (many delivered to your computer via email).  Using a three-tiered approach, OIT applies antivirus technologies at the time of routing email, for each email server, and with each desktop email protocol supplied to the campus.

Because of these antivirus technologies, many virus-infected emails will be captured before they are sent out from campus or before they are delivered to your email account.  However, that does not change the fact that all email users must still be vigilant to limit the spread of viruses.  If you have not already done so, you should install antivirus software and you should be fully aware of good antivirus computing practices.  OIT recommends several antivirus solutions for CU Boulder faculty, staff, student staff, and students.  Choose the solution that best fits your needs and specifications.


Antivirus software available through OIT includes:

Before installing a new antivirus program, uninstall your current antivirus program.


The listed antivirus programs are available at no charge to CU Boulder faculty, staff and students.

Who can get it

All CU Boulder faculty, staff and student staff can download Microsoft Forefront to computers used for official university business. Mac's iAntiVirus and Microsoft Security Essentials are both available for free from their respective download sites.

How to get it

Please reference the Antivirus page for detailed information regarding CU Boulder's recommended antivirus solutions.